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The Project
In June 2016, the NHTV University of Applied Sciences organized a Game Jam Virtual Reality Jam event, where the goal was to create a Samsung Gear VR game within 48 hours. With a team of 4 programmers we joined the event and our goal was to create a Virtual Reality game without any Game Engine. This meant that we had to create our own Android project, integrate the Oculus SDK ourselves and do all the rendering ourselves. Apart from that challenge, we took on the challenge to implement motion tracking with the Samsung Gear VR (which traditionally only has rotational tracking). We achieved accurate motion tracking with the Microsoft Kinect and transferred the positional tracking data over a network connection with the phone.
The final game consisted of several spheres, constructed out of CPU particles, that moved towards the player. The player than had to stop the spheres from passing him, which he could do with every part of his/her body. This resulted in quite a full body experience and the motion tracking was accurate and smooth, which gave a very good experience on the Samsung Gear VR, even with such a simple game.
A nice bonus with this project is that we won the Gear VR Jam that weekend, mentioned in this article (Dutch only).

My Contribution
In this 48 hour jam I contributed to several things for the final product. With several programmers we implemented the Gear VR rendering in the first part of the jam. After that I mainly focussed on the gameplay implementation and implement the FMOD audio library.

Fellow Game Jammers

Niels Wouters
Rick van Miltenburg
Max Oomen

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