Spark Of Light

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The Project
Spark of Light is a released commercial game for the Samsung Gear VR, which resolves around a Nerow, a little boy, living in a dreamscape, where the player needs to solve several puzzles and help Nerow to solve the mysteries of the stolen light. The game features engaging gameplay, specifically designed for 360 degrees Virtual Reality view and brings beautiful artwork and lighting to the Samsung Gear VR device.
The game was released in August 2017 by Pillow’s Willow VR Studios, where I am currently working as a Graphics optimization and shader programmer.

My Contribution
Spark of Light uses a lighting system that we call the Dreamlight system. The Dreamlight system creates the visual look of a painted world. The system is optimized where it can handle a large amount of dynamic lights on a mobile device. I wrote the full Dreamlight system, which thought me a lot about shading programming and (mobile) GPU Optimizations.
Apart from the Dreamlight system, I created several other shader effects, which increase the visual quality of the game, while still being optimized and cheap regarding performance. I worked a lot of profiling the game and optimizing the game by finding balances between draw calls, amount of rendered topology and shader effects. To help me with these optimizations, I wrote several tools to profile the game and optimize the world. With these optimizations, I took advantage of the camera position, which was never moving through the levels.

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