Pillow's Willow Demo

Group Project Demo HTC Vive Oculus Rift

The Project
This project serves as a high polished demo for a planned to be released commercial game. The demo is about a little girl that the players needs to guide through the world, while solving puzzles and challenges. The environment revolves in 360 degrees around the player and is played in Virtual Reality. This project was originally created for the HTC Vive platform, but I ported it to the Oculus Rift platform in a later stage and it was created in the Unity 5 Game engine.
Furthermore, in November 2016, this project won the Bright VR Award (a Dutch award for Virtual Reality applications) for best game of 2016!

My Contribution
Since this project had a maximum development time of 2 months, all the group members had to be very flexible regarding their tasks. My main task was being the technical lead of the project and had to manage the other programmers and keep track of their progress and deadlines. Furthermore, I had to actively develop the game and a big task that I worked on was profiling and optimizing the game and code.

HTC Vive Oculus Rift Manus VR
C# Unity 5

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