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The Projects
Solo Project
As a solo project, to learn about Graphics programming, I created a graphics demo which used DirectX 11 as the Graphics API. The goal of the project was to learn about how the Graphics API worked and how to use it. Furthermore, I wanted to learn about the basics of the rendering pipeline and lighting systems. The final product featured basic model rendering with textures (the Crytek Sponza model) and basic lighting models; including ambient, directional and point light systems.
Group Project
As a school project, I worked on a Cross-API framework with DirectX 11 and OpenGL, with several programmers. My main task was to act as the technical lead and my side task was to implement Deferred Rendering. This project really thought me some different techniques and skills in acting as technical lead, regarding planning, risk assessment, communication and feedback construction. Furthermore, it raised my interest in graphics programming even more, since I really enjoyed implementing the Deferred Rendering and finding ways to optimize this.

In both these projects I learned a lot about Graphics programming while implemented the Deferred renderer. While acting as a tech lead I learned several things about planning, risk analysis and commucation within a group project. Furthermore, when working on the project and discussing graphics programming related topics with the other programmers, I learned several things that could be done in computer graphics, which futher raised my interest in the Graphics programming field.

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