Bolt Storm

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The Project
Bolt Storm is a medieval action dungeon crawler with army combat and roguelike elements. Play as the mighty Crusader King who has betrayed by his mad brother, and follow him on a quest of vengeance. Storm out of the procedurally generated dungeons and take back your castle by defeating hostile armies and guardian bosses.
The player controls the king and commands his army to defeat enemies in challenging fights that vary every time the player plays through the dungeons. The game is a project from Kuality Games and I joined this project as a student of the NHTV.

In this project I mainly focussed on profiling the game on PC and finding ways to optimize the performance on CPU and GPU. I looked into memory management and Garbage collection within Unreal Engine 4 and looking into tools within Unreal to improve the Garbage Collection. Furthermore, I've looked into GPU profiling with the packaged tools within Unreal Engine and I've learned how more to create better performing and efficient games with the Unreal Engine 4. Furthermore, I've looked into some algorithms and techniques that are being used within game engines and I have learned how some systems work and can be used while creating larger frameworks or engines.

Unreal Engine 4 C++ Blueprints
Garbage Collection

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